Become a better musician by understanding rhythm with Drum-A-Long.

Patented Play-by-Numbers Poster

There’s no book, Kit or Teacher that can get you playing the six basic drum set grooves this quickly.

If you can count to 4, you can play the drums.

Instant Download Plus 2 bonus gifts


Here are two of the six most popular drum grooves everyone should know.


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 When you understand rhythm through drumming you can hear, feel and imitate it every time you listen to a song.

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If you’ve ever looked at traditional drum notation and seen only Greek, then this poster is for you. Also shows traditional notation for more advanced students.

Music is one of the few activities that stimulate both sides of the brain, both Right and Left sides are necessary for complete perception of rhythm. Researchers showed that experiencing a steady rhythm actually improves cognitive function.

If you’re not a drummer, why not?! 2015 is the year for gettin’ started!” – Bill Bruford (On Facebook)


DAL-product-shotThe original Drumset practice pad from Rhythmic Magic, and the only kit with our patented Play-by-Numbers system.

Get this incredible practice pad kit for only $19.95

Quiet, Portable, Affordable and FuN!

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Comes with everything you need to start playing the drums.
(Drum Set Practice Pad, Professional Sticks, Play-Along CD and of course our Play-by-Numbers Poster)

 Here’s what other musician’s have to say about Drum-A-Long



“Great Idea!”

- Emil Richards – L.A Studio Percussionist




                                            “Very Cool!

                                                                    – John Bergamo – California Institute of the Arts.


                                                                              “Terrific Idea!”

                                                                                                                           – Pat Brown – Promark Drumsticks


billy-amendola“My son, who has been playing since he’s 2 has been using it. He loves it! (He’s now 11) I think it’s a cool, simple product that is an easy introduction for kids. Thank you

– Billy Amendola -Asst. Editor – Modern Drummer Magazine




tom-gauger“The Drumset practice pad is good for practicing sticking patterns.”

– Tom Gauger – Head Percussionist Boston Symphony




John-Ruka“The idea of a picture of a full set on a pad is simple, But BRILLIANT! My younger students who haven’t been able to purchase a set yet would eat this up!”

– John Ruka – Executive Director Drum Instructors’ Guild





“Drum-A-long allows you to in vision playing the drums without the noise. MORE Then a practice pad it is also a great tool for practicing the motions of playing from drum to drum.”

– Scott Kautzer – Woodwind & Brasswind


Gerald-Kloos“Compared to other practice pads on the market DRUM-A-LONG offers the most Realistic drumstick rebound combined with lots of fun because of its cool look.”

– Gerald Kloos –



Terry-Bissette“I think this is great! Very cool. This really looks sharp!”

– Terry Bissette Sam Ash Purchasing






The best way to learn is through the powerful force of rhythm.” – Wolfgang Mozart

Drumming deals primarily with rhythm, something we use everyday when we walk, talk, breath, sports, math, you name it, everything has a rhythmic flow and may very well be the genius code.

Give the gift of rhythm to someone you care about…

Can’t We All Just Drum-A-Long?

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